J.C. Wheeler Public Library

Welcome to J.C. Wheeler Public Library

The J.C. Wheeler Library is located in the heart of Martin, MI across from the Elementary School and Fire Barn/Township Hall.

Name the Library Lion WINNER:

Name: Levi

Backstory: Once, there was a lion. Whenever someone came near his territory he would ROAR. His roar was so loud it shook the whole jungle! One day some loggers came into his territory. He roared his most ferocious ROAR...but the loggers weren't scared! They chopped down all the trees in his territory. He had to move to a new part of the jungle. But it turned out the loggers had cut down all the trees in the jungle. The moon was starting to come up so he rested for the night. The next day he wandered into town. First, he decided to explore the Library. The librarian was scared. The lion just lay down on the book rug to rest. The librarian became less scared. The next day the children were frightened to see a lion in the library. The librarian said, "he's a nice lion." The children petted the lion. He liked it here. The children named Levi. And that's how he became the library lion. 

Congrats to Julie who earned 50 tickets from this creative and cute lion name and backstory! 


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