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J.C. Wheeler Public Library

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library meet the Third Monday of the Month at 6pm.

Who are the Friends of the Library?

Our Current Friends include:     Marlene Leep

                                                Rose Haaksma

                                                Jan Westendorp

                                                Betty Earle

                                                Jeanette Parkhurst 

                                                Carla Hansen

Who are these friends and how do you become one?

The Friends of the Library are a group of people who love the library and want to help it out.  They help support The Summer Reading Program, Special Library Events, Bi-Annual Book Sales, Bake Sales, Yearly Garage Sale, Festival of Trees and other events as well as other items the library needs but does not have a budget for (ie Our new computer chairs at the library, the middle of the library display case, etc). 

The cost to become a Friend of the Library is $5 per year - yes, only $5! - and they are always looking for more people who love the library to become Friends of the Library.

If helping the library is something you would love to do as well, join the Friends!  Contact the library at 269-672-7875 or show up for their once a month meetings that are open to the public.